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House of Noctem Aeternus   
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About Us

The House of Noctem Aeternus is a safe real place for vampyric people to meet one another and to be around others of like mind, to learn and teach more about whom and what we are.
our goal is to get and give as much information on real true life vampyres as we can. We respect that we all have different views on what we are , we come from all walks of life and all walks of faith. We know there are many types of vampyre's or vampires and we welcome you all.

Live with an open mind. To live with an open mind, is to live with understanding. To live with understanding, is to live with peace. To live with peace is to live with love. To live with love is to live with GOD!

My house is for others of the blood. It is a safe haven for our kind to meet and chat, and of corse feed! this is how I live my life and those of my house aswell. The Pillars Of House Of Noctem Aeternus. These are the traditions and code's of ethics, A pact of common sense. anyone who fails to follow these Pillars, ((will be Excommunicated)) The pillars are there for the safety of the vampyre nation. The out side world (daytime or human) world, does not understand what or who we are. Therefor, for the safety of the nation and your safety, one must swear to uphold the Pillars. The teachings of the house should not be, Shared with those that are not of the blood (house) the pillars keep the nation strong. Keep this in mind before opening your mouth.


We walk in the night, banded from the light of day. Or so they say. You've been told that we don't exsist. But the truth be told, that is a myth. You all think that it's great that we never die, but all that shit is a lie. everything comes to an end. So the truth is there are no immortals. The only thing we can say is our soul is dark and we need to feed.
The only thing we crave is the Sweet taste of blood. My heart is dark and my soul is cold, lonely, damned.
I stand before you saying, that yes there is such things as vampyres. And the one thing that cause our body to be on fire, is blood. And you're the ones that hold our desire.

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About Us   |   The Laws   |   Members   |   The Prophecy   |   Vampyre Lexicon   |   Vampyric Info   |   Contact   |   Links