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House of Noctem Aeternus    
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The Laws

The Pillars

The Dictum

1. Black veil (secrets)

Secrets not only protect us from those that would do us harm, but they also bind us. They give us a common ground. The inner teaching's should not be shared, with any who are not ready. Community secrets are our unity!! The outer teaching's are a tool to screen, others into our family and brings us together. Share your nature only with those who have the wisdom, and understanding to accept it. learn to recognize these individuals Our secrets are our safety and unity!

2. Responsibility

The nation embraces the concept of, respecting the laws of the human world. Though we are an international subculture with our own codes of conduct. We still live in there world. No member of the house should ever commit any illegal act. Doing so will bring shame, unwanted and unhealthy, attention to the your self, the house and the nation.

3. Minors

No one under the age of 18 are to be part of a house. there are things in our life style that is just not for the young Some of us feel that the first signs of awakening at an early age. Under no circumstances allow any to attend' Quabals (meetings) , undertake ordeals (trials) or be initiated, into a house of any kind, or to gain access to any outer or inner teachings.

4. The Mission

All of our nation are of the same spirituality. We are all parts of the spiritual organism that is Elorath. It is our job to the brethren to help to keep our way of life alive, by trying to make something of our self's. In doing so we create jobs for the nation and set an example for the next generation. Never force our way on any one. Doing so will weaken there love for the nation, thus making the nation weaker. Let them come to us. If they do come willingly they will be more open and willing to learn, if they feel the calling they will come.

5. Religion

Never speak ill of another's religion or beliefs. All religions have something to offer to our way of life. We come from all walks of life. Respect all races, religious beliefs and sexual preferences. We are all family. Am I my brothers keeper? Yes, I am!

6. Recognition

RESPECT!! And recognize all in, Vampyre, dark &esoteric organizations and groups. Our community is simply too small to have conflict keep us apart. Among us there are many different practices and many points of view; no single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. RESPECT!!!!! each person's individual choices and beliefs. Learn about them and share what you know. Our diversity is our strength. RESPECT those that are the elders. They are the elders for a reason.


Support and host Quabals, open havens, start a business, encourage and support artist, dance, performances, rituals and all forms of _expression which, will keep the dark flame burning. we are here to create a culture in which, we can all support each other and thrive at that fullest of, our potentials



Are the benchmark of the Strigoi VII.
we seek to resurrect and express, the empowering traditions, of a long lost era. While consistently updating them for modem times. We are all adults and should strive, for a higher moral standard. Always be civil!!! even to your deepest enemy, and resolve conflicts in private. Confront those who have offended thee, directly and respectfully. When in another's lair, respect their, traditions and laws, and never enter without, being invited. Although also know that it is your right, to protect your territory, business, your home, your person, and the members of your family.


Swans are our beloved companions, allies, mortal family and donors. Treat them with respect, as they know our ways, and offer their loyalty to us. ALL OF OUR HOUSE MAY HAVE UP TO TWO SWANS. NEVER DISRESPECT THEM! NOR LET THEM BE DISRESPECTED. Allow them to make an informed, decision before they give them selves to you. Never feed from another's swan.. never feed from the ill. Never feed from the elderly. Never drink the blood of the dead! Never lose respect for those who let you be who you are!


Live with an open mind. To live with an open mind, is to live with understanding. To live with understanding, is to live with peace. To live with peace is to live with love. To live with love is to live with GOD!









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